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Boarding is available 7 days a week! Drop off for boarding is Monday- Friday from 7:30am-9:00am to ensure your pup gets the most out of their day and to ensure a safe and smooth integration into that days pack. Pick up from boarding is Monday- Friday 7:30-9am which is included in the boarding fee. You may also pick up between 4-6:30pm for an additional daycare fee. We do not have office hours on the weekends, dogs looking to board over the weekend must be dropped off on Friday between 730-9am and picked up on Monday during regular business hours.  BOARDING IS BY RESERVATION ONLY

It can be difficult for dogs to be away from their pack (family), we understand that. At PGP the environment is stimulating and filled with activity, and reaches their most primal needs. Dogs are separated twice a day to eat, rest and digest, and to the same cubby/ pen or private area at night to sleep. They are all provided their own cot beds and access to water. We have bedding and bowls for the pups to use during their stay with us. 

What to Pack for your Pup!

- FOOD; to enure your pup maintains a healthy tummy during their stay, we ask that you provide the diet that they consume at home. In the event you forget to pack food or if your pup runs out we do have kibble and raw food available for an additional fee.

- MEDICATION; If your dog requires any medication during his/ her stay, please bring it when you drop your dog off and provide the staff with detailed instructions for administration.

- TREATS; If you would like to send along some treats for you pup we can add them to his/ her meal time. We only offer treats when the pups are kenneled to avoid any risks of food possession or risk of allergic reaction to the other dogs boarding.   

The best way for a dog to adjust to being away from their pack is to have them join another temporary one. As much as we would love to sit and cuddle with them all day on the couch, giving them affection at this time from another human will not replace their pack at home. The quickest way to comfort them is the presence of other animals. Even for dogs that don’t want to wrestle and play all day, a walk with dogs of their energy level is the best way to calm and comfort them while away from home. For dogs with health concerns, seniors or lower energy needs, we can provide them open spaces where they will be in the comfort and company of others who won’t pester or bother them.


Throughout the day they exercise and play with all of their friends and are provided with the same opportunities as our Doggie Daycare guests. Add a bath, ear cleaning and nail trim to their stay so your dog will come home, tired, happy, cuddly and clean!!! What could be better!!!???

*Please Note: All dogs must be spayed/ neutered and up to date with their vaccines (Rabies, Distemper & Bordatella)